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GSH Ultima 1500

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Buy GSH Ultima 1500 Glutathione Skin Whitening Online

GSH Ultima 1500 mg contains pure Glutathione which not only gives you healthy noursihed Skin but also reduces dark spots, Dark circles under eyes, Prevents skin ulceration and helpsing healing of wounds.

Why GSH Ultima 1500 mg

GSH Ultima 1500 mg is most powerful Skin Whitening injections as it contains maximum 1500mg glutathione unlike other similar brands like Tationil Glutathione, Saluta Glutathione, Tad Glutathione, Germed Glutathione and Ridutox Glutathione, which contains only 600mg Glutathione. So More Glutathione means better results. It makes Your skin flexible, smooth, healthy, pinkish and radiant. GSH Ultima 1500 mg contains higher amount of Glutathione so it is highly recommended for smokers and liquar drinkers as they need more quantity to get the desired results.

Tips & Recommendations

– In order To Get faster and instant results, aviod smoking, alcoholic drinks, stress, pollution and sun exposure.

– You can use this product safely until you get the desired effects.

– For better skin whitening results, the sessions should be repeated after every 3 days.

– For IV Use it is always recommended that session should be taken under an authorized medical Doctors and Nurse.

– Pregnant and breast feeding women should not use these injections.

– Persons having liver and cardiac diseases are also not advised to use these injections.

Packing : 5 vials 1500mg Reduced Glutathione and 5 ampules of 10ml water for injection.

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